WAMI (Wisconsin Area Musuc Industry) CD Roulette is held four times a year. It consists of a panel of judges from the music industry who crytique tracks from local artists. The judges were, Connie Grauer, Artist - Mrs. Fun, Funtime Records Trevor Sadler, Mastering Engineer, Mastermind Productions' Billy Cicerelli, Sound Engineer, WMSE, Rose Tribiani, WMSE disc jockey, and Christina Lucchesi, Booking Agent, Best Artists Agency. Among the 18 entries, the track from Sharon Schmidt's "Dancing In The Kitchen" won first place. The award was a slot in the 2006 Summerfest Music Festival. "I'm just happy that the "jazz" genre has been recognized and will be a part of the Summerfest music this year. There are really so many jazz lovers who don't go to Summerfest because this music is just not represented" Sharon says.

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